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Anxiety Bookshelf Stress Relief Sensory Desk Toy with Miniature Books

Anxiety Bookshelf Stress Relief Sensory Desk Toy with Miniature Books

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Product Description:

Discover the Anxiety Bookshelf, a unique stress relief sensory desk toy that allows you to shake away your anxiety. Simply shake the miniature books to release stress and find a moment of calm. Organize them back for a different experience each time, serving as a visual retreat from daily anxiety and a way to vent frustrations.

This wooden bookshelf features approximately 200 folded miniature books, enclosed in a display case cabinet holder. Open up the bookshelf to arrange the books as you wish, or shake them up to start fresh. It's a fascinating way to calm your mind and find relaxation.

In addition to its anxiety-relieving qualities, the Anxiety Bookshelf makes for interesting office desk decorations. With a diverse collection of miniature books in various colors, it creates a captivating and colorful display. The parody book covers add a touch of humor and charm, allowing you to express your personality through décor.

This thoughtful gift is perfect for book lovers and art collectors. Give it to your friends, loved ones, or family members to help them shake away worries and anxiety. It's a unique and meaningful present that brings joy and relaxation.

Product Specification:

Color: Antique Wood Color

Weight: 0.9kg

Material: Wood

Size: 20.32 x 7.62 x 25.4 cm

Number of Mini Books: 200

Function: Anti-anxiety Bookshelf

Package Inclusion:

1 x Mini Bookshelf

200 x Mini Books

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